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Today we've decided to explore one of the core tenants of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras: The concept of practice...

Sutra 1.13: tatra sthitau yatnah abhyasa

  • tatra = there, in that place,

  • sthitita = ‘sthiti’ translates to conviction, position, steadiness, established in a good position; ‘sthitita’ translates into stability, firm position

  • yatnah = effort, work, pains, exertions, energy, performance

  • abhyasa = habit, practice, repeated or permanent practice

Practice (abhyasa) means choosing, applying the effort, and doing those actions that bring a stable and tranquil state (sthitau).

Whether you've recently started a yoga 'practice' or been 'practicing' your entire life then you understand what a struggle the concept of practice can become! For so many of us we put pressure on ourselves to fit into the yogic box of practice. And truthfully, lately that little box is looking tighter and tighter! In this episode Molly and I wanted to introduce you to a concept of practice that steps outside the confines of an hour and a half yoga class at your local studio. We hope you enjoy this brief exploration of 'practice' as it shows up in our lives and we hope it gives you some ideas for your own daily practice!

We hope you enjoy this simple explanation and meditation!

Today's Take Away: Sometimes a yoga practice is the practice of being easy on yourself for not doing your yoga practice!

Yoga Talk, Talk Yoga!

Cameron and Molly

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