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Jackson Hole Yoga Therapy’s mission is to share yogic techniques uniquely customized to your needs through Specialized Classes (ie. for Parkinson’s, Cancer, Diabetes and more), One on One Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda and Health Coaching. Through this mission we hope to support and strengthen a growing body of research in the field of Yoga and increase western medical exposure to the field of Yoga Therapy as a safe, effective, evidence-based, healing modality.

That’s the long version of our mission.

Here’s the short...

We teach yoga against all odds... too old? too young? too sick? too tired? too scared? too fat? too depressed? We’ve got you covered.


Not kidding - we’ve got YOGA - so we can help you!


YOGA works! 

Come give it a try. 

Cameron Barker

Cameron has an endless passion for sharing the benefits of awareness, breath and movement with people who need it the most.

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